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  • (Can You Avoid) Parenting Your Parents

    As you and your parents age, there is some inevitability that you will assume a caregiving role. Many find themselves in a situation where they feel as if they are acting as parents to their parents. Open communication and conversation well in advance of inevitable aging issues can help keep you from parenting your parents. This class will provide suggestions to open discussions about age-related topics with your parents, as well as what information you will need to have from your parents in order to assist them through the later stages of their lives.
  • Civic Engagement 101

    Are you interested in being involved in the political process but have never participated before? The first step can be daunting, but this nonpartisan class will help explain how you can have a voice in the process and help make change. Learn the basics of the local and state legislative processes from Nick Harper, attorney and lobbyist with The League of Women Voters Minnesota.
  • Dawnland - Film Screening and Discussion

    Join us to watch the film Dawnland from an intersectional lens. Facilitated discussion after the films will focus on having critical, courageous conversations that center personal experience, multiple perspectives and the social construction of race and gender. A light meal will be provided. Film Synopsis: Dawnland is the untold story of Indigenous child removal in the US through the nation's first-ever government-endorsed truth and reconciliation commission, which investigated the devastating impact of Maine’s child welfare practices on the Wabanaki people. The Wabanaki are the people who are there to greet the light, "the people of the dawn," in the upper Northeast. For decades, Maine’s child welfare system placed Wabanaki children in foster or adoptive homes under the presumption that assimilating into white society would improve their quality of life and give them a better future. Many children in the system suffered untold physical and psychological abuse. Their story brings to light how getting to the heart of the truth can offer a flicker of hope.
  • ECFE Volunteer Opportunity

    A meaningful opportunity awaits you. Support an Early Childhood Family Education classroom by assisting early childhood educators with activities and basic classroom instruction for children birth-5 years old. Opportunities are available Monday-Friday in the morning, afternoon and evening at ECFE sites across Saint Paul. For more information or to sign up, call the ECFE Office at 651-793-5410.
  • Fishing: How to Fish Twin Cities Lakes

    Learn how to select the best lake in all seasons. Use three magic words to consistently catch fish, choose the best lures and techniques for each species, and make a slip-bobber, rig a jig worm and a weedless plastic worm to take home. Plus, door prizes, maps, booklets and other fun items. $3 supply fee due to the instructor when you arrive at class.
  • Immigration and the Making of Saint Paul

    Explore the role of immigrants in the making and remaking of Saint Paul. We will cover the 1840's through current times touching first on: Irish and German immigrants and their impact on the foundations of our city; the Scandinavian influx of the 19th century; and, Eastern European immigrants who filled the demand for unskilled labor in meat-packing plants, foundries and railroad work. We will then look at how the city's workforce, neighborhoods and political and cultural life was shaped by Mexicans, many of whom were already American citizens from Texas, and African Americans who had migrated from the South beginning in the 1850's. We will also cover the tens of thousands of new immigrants arriving in the early 21st century from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Somalia and Burma, among other places and finish with an overview of public policy and a review of immigration reform through the lens of history to generate a discussion about what the past has to offer anyone who seeks to shape the future. Classes will rely on lecture, documents, maps, photographs and even poetry and fiction to explore immigrant experiences and the impact they had.
  • Introduction to Gliders: Is Soaring for You?

    Do you dream of flying like a bird? Soaring though the sky in a glider may be just the hobby for you! Gliders, or sailplanes, are a special kind of aircraft that doesn't use an engine to fly. Come hear how they work, the ways they are used, and why even the United States Air Force trains their pilots in gliders before advancing to military aircrafts. Learn where you can pursue the sport near the Twin Cities area, whether you want to become a pilot or just take a ride.
  • Islam & Christianity: Common Ground

    Join us to explore the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, including beliefs and practices, as well as the opportunities and challenges in pursuing joint Muslim/Christian projects.
  • Private Pilot Glider Ground School

    Designed to prepare students to successfully pass the FAA's Private Pilot Glider knowledge exam, to be used as a 'refresher' for existing glider pilots, or in preparation for Commercial or Instructor ratings. Presentation Topics: Aerodynamics Operation of Systems Certificates and Documents Aeromedical Factors Weather Information Preflight and Ground Operations Performance and Limitations Performance Airspeeds Aero Tow Slow Flight, Stalls, Spins, and Spiral Dives Navigation Soaring Techniques Radio Procedures Patterns & Landings Emergency Operations Post-flight Procedures FAR/AIM Parts 61, 91, and 49 CFR Part 830 Preparing for the Knowledge Exam
  • Riding the Trans-Mongolian Railway

    All aboard the Trans-Mongolian Railway! Enjoy stories from the road, beautiful landscape, highlights of the region, and insight into planning your own adventure. We'll start in Moscow, Russia and travel to Siberia and Lake Baikal - the deepest lake in the world. Stop off in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city, and spend a couple nights in a ger (traditional nomadic housing) in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. We'll finish by crossing into China, seeing Beijing and walking the Great Wall of China.
  • Second Harvest Volunteer Opportunity

    Make a difference in only two hours and join us as we pack food boxes. Second Harvest Heartland distributes volunteer-packed boxes of groceries each month to those in need; all 9,000 boxes packed by volunteers on an assembly line. Requires standing for approximately 2 hours and placing items in boxes as they travel on a conveyor belt. Wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Transportation not provided. Meet at Second Harvest Heartland East, 1140 Gervais Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55109. ( Hwy 36 and Hwy 61).
  • The Joys of Fly Tying

    Tie flies the fish can't resist! Learn how to tie nine unique flies, and through those flies, the techniques needed to tie 95% of all trout flies. Each fly that you tie builds on the skills learned in previous flies. Tools and materials provided during class time. No experience necessary.
  • Traveling Southeast Asia

    Explore the tropical paradise of Southeast Asia without leaving Minnesota! Ride Hot Air Balloons over the temples of Bagan, Myanmar, marvel at the ancient site of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and visit the tailors of Hoi An, Vietnam. Feed elephants in Luang Prabang, Laos and frolic with monkeys in Phuket, Thailand. See some of the highlights of this beautiful corner of the world and learn some tips for planning your own adventure.
  • What You Always Wanted to Know About Islam and Muslims

    Gain a better understanding of what Islam teaches and what Muslims practice. The class will introduce basic terminology, demographics and differences between religion and culture. Learn about the beliefs and practices of Muslims as well as religious celebrations. All questions answered.