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  • Civic Engagement 101

    Are you interested in being involved in the political process but have never participated before?  The first step can be daunting, but this nonpartisan class will help explain how you can have a voice in the process and help make change.  Learn the basics of the local and state legislative processes from Nick Harper, attorney and lobbyist with The League of Women Voters Minnesota.
  • ECFE Volunteer Opportunity

    A meaningful opportunity awaits you.  Support an Early Childhood Family Education classroom by assisting early childhood educators with activities and basic classroom instruction for children birth-5 years old. Opportunities are available Monday-Friday in the morning, afternoon and evening at ECFE sites across Saint Paul.For more information or to sign up, call the ECFE Office at 651-793-5410 or visit www.spps.org/Page/22460.
  • Exploring Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

    Straddling Europe and Asia, bordering the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Sea, the countries of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia have been at the crossroads of history. We’ll cover hot air ballooning over Turkey, frolicking in the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan, exploring the quirky capitol of Armenia, and the medieval churches and modern wines of Georgia. Enjoy stories from the road, beautiful landscape, highlights of the region, and insight into planning your own adventure in this little-known region. Also great for those interested in history or just curious to hear more about this part of the world. 
  • Fearless Aging

    You may not have a choice about aging but you do have a choice about how you approach growing older. What better way than fearlessly? Fearless aging is the power to positively impact your future. This class explores the normal, natural processes of aging—physical and lifestyle--and what you can do to markedly improve the quality of your life. Discover what you can expect and lifestyle choices that will help you make the most of what you’ve got as you age. Let’s explore the inevitable forces of change in your life and be fearless!
  • Fishing: How to Fish Twin Cities Lakes

    Learn how to select the best lake in all seasons. Use three magic words to consistently catch fish, choose the best lures and techniques for each species, and make a slip-bobber, rig a jig worm and a weedless plastic worm to take home. Plus, door prizes, maps, booklets and other fun items.   $3 supply fee due to the instructor when you arrive at class.
  • Follow the Silk Road: A Tour Through Central Asia

    The historic and legendary Silk Road traveled through countries that maintain an aura of mystery. Whether you are interested in planning a trip to Central Asia, or are just curious about this part of the world, you’ll enjoy stories from the road, beautiful images and architecture, learn about the culture, and get details for planning your own adventure along the fabled Silk Road.  We'll cover camping the deserts of Turkmenistan, roaming the ancient cities of Uzbekistan, driving the treacherous Pamir Highway in Tajikistan, the horse culture of Kyrgyzstan, and finish in the modern city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • Free CeCe- Film Screening and Discussion

    On her way to the store with a group of friends, Chrishaun Reed "CeCe" McDonald, an African American trans woman was brutally attacked. While defending her life, a man was killed, and CeCe was incarcerated in a men's prison in Minnesota. Free CeCe  seeks to shed light on the violence trans people in America face every day, as well as the specific challenges trans people experience while incarcerated. Join us for a viewing of Free CeCe followed by a facilitated discussion. Light refreshments will be served. Registration required – space is limited.
  • Islam & Christianity: Common Ground

    Join us to explore the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, including beliefs and practices, as well as the opportunities and challenges in pursuing joint Muslim/Christian projects.
  • Leverage your Strengths

    When you know and use your strengths you are six times more likely to be engaged at work. Using the CliftonStrengths assessment, identify your natural talents and learn how to maximize your potential! CliftonStrengths assessment fee included. Participants will receive a personalized code 5 days before the start date and need to complete the online assessment prior to the start date.Registration closes 5 days prior to the start date. No refunds issued 5 or less days prior to the start date.
  • Second Harvest Volunteer Opportunity

    Make a difference in only two hours and join us as we pack food boxes. Second Harvest Heartland distributes volunteer-packed boxes of groceries each month to those in need; all 9,000 boxes packed by volunteers on an assembly line. Requires standing for approximately 2 hours and placing items in boxes as they travel on a conveyor belt. Wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Transportation not provided.  Meet at Second Harvest Heartland East, 1140 Gervais Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55109. ( Hwy 36 and Hwy 61).