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Mediterranean Chicken and Homemade Hummus

Classes for Adults / Culinary -
Fall 2022 - Adult

Liven up your dinner rotation with fresh and flavorful Mediterranean food! Learn how to make delicious chicken and rice and quick salad dishes, plus amazing homemade hummus for snacking.

All Community Education participants are required to follow SPPS COVID guidelines (, and all other communicated health and safety expectations. Failure to do so could result in removal from the class/program.

Selam (Mimi) Asfaha

Mimi Selam is passionate about cooking, especially Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine. She finds cooking very relaxing and curative beyond it's culinary advantages. She has ample experience in sharing her cooking skills with others and has taught Community Education classes around the Twin Cities metro for several years. 

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  Selam (Mimi) Asfaha

Harding High School : 1358 FACS - Cooking
Wednesday, Nov 30
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

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