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Bookbinding Workshop

Classes for Adults / Art & Music -
Summer 2022 - Adult

For a real staycation, try a new craft intensively!  Spend two days creating books that use both color and structure to inspire.  As straightforward as sketchbooks and journals or as complicated as moveable poetry feasts, the forms can mirror the content.  All will cause you to look at books differently.  No experience necessary. 

$25 supply fee payable to the instructor.

Mary Benton Hummel

Mary-Benton Hummel, seriously over-educated with six college degrees, has been teaching with Community Education since 1980. Best known for her Cemetery Walking Tour, she also offers a smorgasbord of classes in other areas such as knitting, letterpress printing, basketry, and pop-up cards. She loves to teach and will share anything she knows on almost any subject. Mary-Benton has chipmunks living under her back porch.

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  Mary Benton Hummel

1780 West 7th : 1206 Classroom
Tue Jun 28 & Wed Jun 29
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

$ 73.00
Class Cost

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